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'The T.O. Show': The Surprise Proposal 'The T.O. Show': The Surprise Proposal (00:29)

By: Q Dechambres Posted October 25 2011 at 04:05:00 AM

The T.O. Show': The Surprise Proposal

Terrell takes his staff of ladies and their significant others on a cruise but the surprise is for Kita. When Terrell decided to surprise the ladies with a trip on a cruise ship he knew full well that Kita hates boats. It seems that Terrell does several things just to get under Kita's skin, playfully. This time Terrell also invites Joe, Kita's latest flame. Kita and Joe have been on and off recently. Kita just allowed Joe back into her life after Joe 'forgot' to tell her he was still married. Joe and his wife separated years ago but the divorce wasn't final when he started messing with Kita. If Joe had been honest about his situation a great deal of drama would have been avoided. Now Joe is securely back in Kita's life and on the cruise with his girl. It is also Kita's birthday and everyone showers her with gifts at dinner. Terrell gives her a gag gift and she playfully hits him. Next, Joe gets on one knee, which prompts Terrell to say he'll fall out if Joe proposes. Terrell has no idea how close he is to being correct. Joe first gives Kita a beautiful shoe. Then he pulls out a box. The camera picks up the label on the box. Kita starts to breakdown. Terrell falls out his chair when the large rock is revealed. Joe proposes. Later, a stunned Terrell seems to be drinking uncontrollably. Mo, even confronts him about it. She realizes that Terrell is saddened by the unexpected turn of events. Is it possible that Terrell has had a crush on Kita all this time? Is it possible that all the playful jostling they have been engaged in was a prelude to dating? If so, Terrell may have missed his chance now that Joe has proposed. Terrell laments to the camera that all his girls are leaving him.,
The T.O. Show, Monday, 9:30PM on VH1

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