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'Oprah's Lifeclass': Everybody Has a Calling 'Oprah's Lifeclass': Everybody Has a Calling (00:58)

By: Q Dechambres Posted October 24 2011 at 01:20:00 AM

'Oprah's Lifeclass': Everybody Has a Calling

Oprah says, "Every single person who is born has a purpose." Oprah address what to do when you are stuck in a job that is not your life's dream. How do you handle working at something that you don't like doing? Oprah uses examples or clips from her show, including a clip of Lady Gaga talking about her struggle to grow into the person she knew she was. It seems that some of us know who we are destined to be we just need to walk into the circumstance that allows us to be that person. Oprah talked about how she had a couple of jobs in the journalism field and she knew they were not the correct fit for her but she had to stay until the right thing came along. This lesson speaks to those of us who are working toward becoming that whole person.,
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