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'Oprah's Lifeclass': Have a Dream For Yourself 'Oprah's Lifeclass': Have a Dream For Yourself (00:59)

By: Q Dechambres Posted October 21 2011 at 03:18:00 AM

'Oprah's Lifeclass': Have a Dream For Yourself

Oprah says, "I always say God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can dream for yourself", this is the lesson that Oprah wants to impart. "Have the dream and then surrender it to that which is greater than yourself and allow the flow of your life to move in the direction of your greatest advantage.

Oprah's lifeclass is a little difficult to watch, initially. Those of us TV junkies are not used to being directly "preached to". Although I am certain Oprah would not classify herself as a preacher but rather a teacher. She would be correct, however, there are odd similarities to shows that have once aired on The Christian Broadcast Network or TBN. Once one gets beyond the way the show is presented it becomes a very fascinating show. Oprah obviously has something she feels is important to impart to all of us based on her decades of gathering information through her interviews. Lifeclass is certainly the right choice of phrasing. If one can sit through the entire "class" one will learn tools for living a more fulfilling life. Like everything in life, listening is not enough; one must put into practice what one learns.,
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