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'The Talk': Sheryl and Kimora Smackdown 'The Talk': Sheryl and Kimora Smackdown (00:57)

By: Q Dechambres Posted October 18 2011 at 04:12:00 AM

'The Talk': Sheryl and Kimora Smackdown

Comedienne Sheryl Underwood, The Steve Harvey Radio Show, is still a guest host on The Talk. Kimora Lee (formerly Simmons) joined her friend Sheryl and the rest of the cast at the table. The discussion became heated when they talked about cussing in the presence of the President of the United States. Julie brought up the clip where Lady GaGa performed for the former President Bill Clinton and let a few expletives fly. Sheryl found it unbecoming to use such language in public in front of the President. Kimora jumped in with empirical evidence, citing that she has been in the presence of Barack Obama. Sheryl immediate interrupted to correct Kimora for calling him Barack and not President Obama. The audience was on the side of Sheryl. Then the discussion got even more heated when they talked about cussing in front of their children. Sheryl represented the old school black southern genteel position of no cussing by the children or the parents in front of each other. Kimora took the position that cussing is just words and as long as you teach your children not to use it, even when they hear their parents using it, then all is well. Things almost got out of hand after that, watch the clip.,
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