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'106 & Park': Rihanna Explains Video '106 & Park': Rihanna Explains Video (01:59)

By: Q Dechambres Posted June 03 2011 at 04:34:00 AM

'106 & Park': Rihanna Explains Video

Rihanna has been taking a lot of heat about the images in her new video, "Man Down". The concept of the video has Rihanna shooting and killing a man for raping her.

Many groups feel the message is wrong and violent. Rihanna explains why she chose to make that video. The bottom line, according to Rihanna is her fans understand that the video is not literal and it is about empowerment.

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I have always been a fan of Rihanna, some of her songs have not been great from her current album but I'm not condemning her artistic attribution because violence comes from anything such as domestic disputes, gang violence, and senseless violence. As a Micheal Jackson fan, I love the story line of the video, I don't care about her agenda because it is right and priviledge to use her music and artistic empowerment to do what she think is appropriate. Now for all the negative people, raise your kids and stop thinking these artist are going to raise your kids for you....Black Rob GONE.......

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yogi bear

Rihanna may not want to be a role model for milions of young girls but she is. It's one of the reasons why they buy her music. Rihaanna is not the parent of her millions of world wide fan. Rihanna has influence and she is making sugguestions of murder and violence with her new video and her reaction to it is an act of rebellion:aginst the law and it's putting youth at risk. Rihanna is playing into a hands of Satan. She will have the blood of pre-teens, teens young adults who cannot understand the diffrences betwen art and reality. Moreover, we havemany females solders returning from war. Many of these young ladies have emotional tram and are shell shocked!

Many film, music producers and artist are worst than drug dealers because they use their influence to destroy the minds of our young with negetive sugguestions about life and coping with problems. This is not art. This is not freedom of speech nor freedom of expression. There is no freedom without accountablity of those who produced, directed , wrote, distributed and acted in this video. Freedom without accountablity leads to choas. This video should be banned.

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This video is a perfect example of the saying "Think before you act!" thats what this video should have been called and if this video would have been her thinking about killing someone and the male thinking about violenting a woman and then coming to the realization of the circumstances and consequences before this killing or rape was done then I think people wouldn't be viewing this video in a negative way! I agree with Rihanna about not a role model but that doesn't stop people from viewing her videos, we need to all be sensative about the issues that are facing us today! We all need to find that positive light and start focusing on it!

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I agree with all the points which says I'm my daughter's role model. They aspire to be college educated women like Michelle and Oprah. Not a mindless pointless gyrating pop tart BUT let me say what I said about Charles Barkley's comment "If you got rich by your d@ self then you owe the fans nothing BUT if a fan is the reason you live in a mansion then you're a role model!!!" I'm glad Venus and Serena (Mary J etc.) don't run from this responsibility since I'm supposed to buy their products and keep them RICH...HOLLAAAAA!!!

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I had an excellent debate with my college daughter (since I'm a domestic violence survivor) last night and she even agreed if Chris Brown were the victim as a male using this for free PR we would have ran him out of this country! Time for Rhianna to get some private therapy and move the h@ on. All the sex and gyrating then saying "I'm an abuse victim" isn't flying with the majority of the public. I noticed on "white" boards they see right through her game but black media always want us to put our brains in the trash and support all black artists. I have no intention on seeing the video because for me she needs to stop pimping the abuse angle. Exhale Exhale! My daughter said Breezy's F.A.M.E. (luv MJ video tribute She Aint You) is a great CD so I need to get it for my road trip. Like Vick, he paid his price and moved on......oh Rhianna I had to recover by taking my a@ back to college. My daughters seeing me gyrating in a video would have sent wrong msg!!! I know I know you're not a parent but pimping these young girls is your angle!!!!

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I just watch the video, and it's something that sometimes go through a rape victims mind when something like that happens, it not like sheis telling people to do that, i feel she just showing the prblem in the world todat about rape and people need to be more open about it. And for there to be more help for victims.

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1 reply to Kemet1892's comment

I totally agree with you 100%!!

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There's more to life than bling, booty, and b_s_. We all learn enough of that by just hanging around growing up in the 'hood. Create andd do something difficult. Therein lies the true value of a human being or a thing.

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How come no one complains about the violent videos of rap artist? But Rihanna about a every day problem in this world people want to complain. As a rape survior I don't see the problem with the video.

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Whatever happened to art and true creativity in our folks' culture? There is nothing to be gained by imitating violence,sex, and sensationalism at this time in Black Folks' history and culture. We need to learn and absorb all the lessons of our past in this society for the sake and survival and true progress and growth for of our coming generations. We owe this to them. They need to learn things like astrophysics, chemistry,science, medicine, business, politics, and above all law, reading, and writing in order not to continue to be marginalized, in jail, and taken completely out of the scene.

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Though this is not funny i say without the chris brown big beat down and all the free publicity it brought her, she would not be at the sphere she's at now not to say she wasn't near the top in her music field. What she is doing now is using the butt kicking all the to the bank and top of the field.

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